Parent Resources

1.   To determine your school of residence, or home school, please begin by clicking on the file below that corresponds to the city in which you live.  (Adobe Acrobat Required)


2.   Once in the correct city file, scroll down to your home address street name.


3.   Once at the section with the correct street name (caution − watch for street/ way/drive/lane suffix), scroll down to the address number of your residence.


4.   The name of your school of residence will be in the corresponding column.


          BPHS   =    Buena Park High School

          FUHS   =    Fullerton Union High School

          LHHS   =    La Habra High School

          SOHS   =    Sonora High School

          SHHS   =    Sunny Hills High School

          TRHS   =    Troy High School

          OOD     =    Out of District